User research survey

Research for what?

The general idea is to make this website a kind of extranet, the public facing side to focus on businesses and individuals researching Drupal, showcasing Australian providers and events. The internal side to focus on the community. But we want you to inform and guide us through the UX and design process so we can be sure our decisions are based on research and not opinion. We're hoping you can spare 5 minutes to tell us who you are, what you need and how we can help you.

If you'd like to be involved in this process beyond just completing this survey, there is information about how to join in on the homepage.


We promise your information will be kept private, and only used to build 3-4 fictional user personas. Once the personas have been written your submission will be permenantly deleted. Your email address will not be used for spam or given out for any reason.

None of the fields are required because we don't want the form to be onerous to complete, but we do ask you complete as many fields as you can, to make the personas as accurate as possible.

This can be a range if you don't wish to be specific.
Please briefly describe your career path and your employment situation (self employed, freelance, employee, remote worker etc).
For example; "I travel interstate a lot and am interested in meeting the local community so I'm hoping this website will make them easier to find", or "I'm researching Drupal for my companies new website and want to see example sites and the agencies that created them".
Have you attended a Drupal event (conference, meetup, camp etc) in the past?
Would you consider yourself to be "involved" in the community?